See It, Feel It, Understand It

I live in a bubble where everyone has food on their plates at dinner time, everyone has a family that cares about and loves them, and everyone has a job that they love, like, or that at least pays the bills to a level of comfort. India is a place where not everyone has food on their plates, has a family who loves them, and a job that pays the bills. There are organizations that put together fundraising events to raise money to buy shoes and clothing for people living in impoverished areas. Even though I know that help is being provided, I would like to see how the help is being administered in person. I can’t truly feel what poverty is like until I see it, and even then I will not be able to truly understand the famine, suffering, starvation, and sadness unless I live in it.

This is the reason I chose Semester at Sea. I wanted to see what the world was like outside my own little bubble that we call America. My school, the University of Denver, requires a semester abroad in a foreign land, and it is typically done during one’s junior year. I found out about Semester at Sea through many friends, family, and mutual friends over the past few years. SAS was represented at my school’s study abroad fair, which was what really enlightened me on the experience.

I have already been to Canada, The Bahamas, Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland. The countries that I have visited so far were tourist locations where there is plenty of money and very little poverty. Traveling to poverty-stricken countries such as India will hopefully make me more humble. I know I am already a humble, thankful, and appreciative person, however I hope to become even more humble and appreciative after I experience India and all the other countries we are visiting on this voyage.

—Michael Krebsbach

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