Dinosaurs Aboard

Many thousands of years ago, this world was inhabitant by the dinosaurs. It appears that when the planet’s climate changed, the dinosaurs’ size became a problem. They found out that it was hard to sustain life. Today, these once magnificent creatures do not exist anymore. Instead, they gave living space to smaller size animals.

I mention the dinosaurs, because they are still alive in one form or another. As a matter of fact, I brought one of them with me when I boarded the MV Explorer. This monster of modern times is my personal computer. Only few years ago, this machine was a proud, high-speed, multi-tasking computer. Today, my sister calls it, “an indestructible mechanical object.”

I had a feeling that my PC was not the top machine in the universe. In fact, even the creators did not believe in their product, because the updated version came out two years later. It was designed to solve all the problems of my PC. However, this “indestructible mechanical object” was my first personal computer, which I did not have to share with anybody, so I got use to its behavior patterns.

Sometimes, I wonder if it has soul, because I am sure this machine has a mind of its own. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be annoying. For example, I got use to reading a book or watching TV while opening certain files. I figured out that it is better not to open more than four different files at once, because my PC does not like multitasking. -I also leaned the lesson that it is better not to rush but always to perform any task ahead of time, because anything might happen.

Only few days after the MV Explorer sailed away from Canada, I realized what the dinosaurs must have felt when their world suddenly changed. As for me, I am fine. However, my PC had some problems with adaptating to the new environment. Unfortunately, the modern world cannot live without the internet. On our ship it is called intranet. Everyday, students must check their accounts to be fully aware of what is coming on their journey. However, not every cabin has wi-fi access, and my room is one of them. For this reason, every time I need intranet, I must pick up my laptop and get out of my cabin.

This is when it becomes interesting, because my PC will operate for about seven to ten minutes on the battery charge. As a result, I have learned another valuable skill. Now, I can check all of my email and other information in just under seven minutes! Someone might say this problem has a simple solution:electric outlets. Unfortunately, there is a very small number of them on the ship. My guess is that our vessel was designed with idea of the future in mind. In this future, most of the electronics are operating on batteries. Moreover, these things should be small, so they can fit in the cramped surroundings.

My PC is not fitting in any of these ways. As a result, it is like a dinosaur in the period of global change. Only a few years ago, it was the king of the world. Today, the smaller laptops are ruling the planet. The moral of this story is, if someone is planning to travel on the MV Explorer, they should pack accordingly, because the dinosaurs have a very small chance of surviving here.

— Nikolai Eber

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