I Can Sea

Living aboard a great vessel is no easy adjustment for natives of solid land. Unsteady footsteps on stairwells, belongings sliding around the room and an unnerving queasiness are only some of the effects of life on the ship. Not to mention cramming an entire college campus, including faculty, staff and students in to such a condensed space. Living together, learning together and traveling the world together are made possible because of the immaculate ship.
The constant purr of the engines generates a calming effect on the MV Explorer. During classes, wandering eyes watch the horizon creep in and out of view as the ship sways gently along the placid azure waters. Through the mirror in the cabin, I can see the see the reflection of the window’s view of the entire sky one moment and the entire ocean the next. Standing on the deck late at night, the water and all its life seems to be in a quiet slumber as millions of stars awaken the black sky. Crisp, warm winds blow through hair and on bronzed skin leaving traces of the sea’s sweet perfume. Arms perched gently on the rail, I gaze into the distance off the back of the ship at the water we just passed. Traveling down the African coast, I watch the water’s texture smoothen with each day.
Nothing but water for miles and feelings of solitude are accompanied by the loving surrounding of my new family, the shipboard community. The home aboard the ship fosters learning, appreciation, understanding and a caring sense of family. It is because of the ship that the voyage is even possible. I never knew that I would have such a connection to the sea or to my new home, which is so kindly allowing me to explore the world.

—Patty Meegan

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