Breaking the Silence

Life on the ship has fallen into the rhythm of the waves. I have fallen into the same pattern because, it seems, our journey between Cape Town and Port Louis has become a formula. Our last sea filled adventure was excited when the elimination of my, all too familiar, golden locks took place. But this leg of the journey seems unremarkable, as though the constant has emptied the vast prairie that once was my remarkable mind. Then the silence comes to break the monotony.


The world around me has not been muzzled, but a select few have chosen to refrain from speech. We are silent to prove how powerful a voice can be. As my lips stay tightly together I am revived. My mind is suddenly filled with inspiration again. Is this really all it takes to break up the constant drone of going to classes, getting very little sleep, and then realizing that you have lost yet another hour?


The silence breaks up the pattern. It rejuvenates my mind and seems to bring to life an idea. While in musical theatre class, I watch as Nicely-Nicely Johnson tells his fellow gamblers to “Sit down, we’re rockin’ the boat.”


I suddenly have a thought about rockin’ our own boat (ship). Can we stir the pot or do we all just sit down and go with the natural flow of the sea? Many songs tell us not to rock the boat to keep it from tipping over. The safest method is just attending life, sitting down and falling into its patterns. But when you get to stray from the usual life becomes an adventure. The ship’s usual pattern lulls me into a state of boredom, but it is broken with a day of reflection, a day of observing, a day of silence.


I am reflecting the effects of being silenced, but my silence has also brought about a break in what has been so constant. The silence, in turn, provides the disruption that I need to come out of my slump. It breaks the dull boat ride and transforms it into a “rocky voyage.” The peace of the day opens my ears to the music and brings me to the conclusion that we should all stand and give the boat or ship or maybe just our day just a bit of rockin’.


–Hannah Ledyard

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