The End

An aura lingers, making its way through the ranks, flitting, twisting its way to every living being. The aura speaks, it whispers quietly in our ears. Our nerves tense up as we feel its sullen approach. We know what it will tell us, but none of us are ready. To hear those words brings a wave of emotions throughout the group. Some do not feel sorrow or fear. Some are excited, ready to be free. However, we are all still scared of the emotions. But as the aura continues through, it reminds, “the end is near.”

“I want more time.”

“We want more time.”

I fear what is next. I fear this unknown. It feels so final. It is so final! As the end approaches I wonder where this fear stems from. Why do I wish for this end not to advance? I usually embrace the new, the unknown adventures. For once I am truly terrified, truly panicked for what will come. But honestly, it is not that I want to know what is coming, what is ahead.

I do not think that it is fear of the unknown that makes the future a sickening dark hole. I have become so comfortable in the way life is moving, flowing. But this motion will stop. It will stop sooner than I want. The end has come too soon. And all I want is for this to continue just awhile longer. I want just a little more time. There is much left unexplored.

It has all flown by, this life, this voyage. And while we all hope for more time, that wish is a mere illusion. We can never gain what we cannot control. We are all aware by now that our time is almost up. There is an echo, a reverberation closing in on the ranks. Some are excited, some fearful, some unsure. We can feel it caressing our tired bodies, our exhausted minds. I am not ready to let go. Not ready for the journey’s death to linger so close.



—Hannah Ledyard



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